Anfield was not selected for the Euro 2028 bid

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Too small! Liverpool‘s home ground will be eliminated from Euro 2028 if England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Ireland complete their bids.

“The Sun”, the famous British media reported that from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have offered to be the co-hosts of the Euro 2028 football tournament at Anfield of the “Reds” Liverpool giants club. Premier League‘s big England will not be used as a playing field.

For the reason that Anfield Liverpool’s. It was not chosen because UEFA regulations for major tournaments such as the Euro state that the stadium must be 105×68 meters in size Anfield. It is only 101 m long and it cannot be expanded. Because the stands behind the gates on both sides. So close to the edge of the field that they cannot be extended.

All 16 stadiums that the co-hosts will enter into the Euro 2028. Bid plan are expected to host 10 of them in England. In which the British Football Association officials informed that Anfield does not have all the qualifications. cause that england national team therefore not using this stadium as a home stadium Since the friendly game with Uruguay national team in 2006 at UFABET

The city team like Everton plans to build a new stadium. At The 52,888-seat Bramley-Moore Dog Stadium is planned to open for the 2024/25 season. Replacing Goodison Park which has been in place since 1892. But has yet to be present. The five-nation map will also be used as a stadium for Euro 2028.