‘Ken’ slams ‘Kai’ must win every match including visiting ‘Hwan’ to go to the Champions League

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Spurs striker Harry Kane insists he must win the remaining five games. This includes the game with Liverpool and then goes to win Arsenal to stumble to pass up to 4th. After the chicken showed a bad form, didn’t win 2 games in a row, with a score of 2 points behind the big guns, the same match.

Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane admits he has no points left in his five games, including a trip to Liverpool , who are chasing champions Manchester United. City , if they want to qualify for the Champions League next season, are two points behind fourth-placed Arsenal in 33 matches. 

After the game to defeat Manchester United 2-3 in the middle of last month , Spurs made a hot result to win 4 games in a row, but after that. Form was short-lived, losing 0-1 at home to Brighton and drawing 0-0 at Brentford, while the Gunners returned to collect two straight wins over Chelsea and Arsenal. All has now taken over the top four. 

The 28-year-old spearhead said: “If we win the last five games we can get to the Champions League, that’s how we have to look at it. We know that five games will be difficult, we will go to Liverpool which will be very difficult but we have to do it. As we have seen this season We lost points against teams that we expected to win and other teams that were close to us as well. We have to stay focused and work hard. There are still a few gaps at the moment. And hopefully we can do a good job with Leicester City .”

Kane also views that they have performed well. Since the arrival of Antonio Conte as manager because he is close to winning a ticket to European football. Unlike when Nuno Espirito Santo was in charge and despite the ups and downs this season, I hope his UFABET team will work hard. to make sure In the end, it will go to play in the Champions League.

However, the remaining 5 games of the Golden Spikes Chicken, in addition to facing the Foxes , they will have to meet with the Reds , against the Gunners , Burnley and Norwich City , which the attacking game visits. At Anfield it will be an important match for Conte’s team because there is a chance to drop points. Therefore, it must be hoped for the Gunners to stumble against West Ham and Leeds United as well before the pair meet at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.