Merson believes the Chelsea player doesn’t love the club + expects fans to be unhappy

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England and Arsenal legend Paul Merson believes the Chelsea star does not love the club and expects fans There will be an angry reaction when the teams return home games next week.

  Paul Merson feels Antonio Rudiger may have received a bad response from Chelsea fans following his decision to leave the club. The defender will leave the Blues at the end of the season. After failing to agree a new contract and is expected to sign Real Madrid. Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has shown. It was clear that he was disappointed to lose this German player. But former Arsenal star Emerson feels Rudiger doesn’t love the club. otherwise he will stay

           “Antonio Rudiger is a player that Chelsea lose without being able to do anything. But he clearly doesn’t love the club enough to stay,” Merson told the Daily Star. because he refused large sums of money and left them in trouble. but honestly It’s likely been going on for a very long time.” “I said this about a month ago. I don’t think Rudiger has any intention of signing. After being chilled by Frank Lampard, I know a lot has changed since then, with Thomas Tuchel coming in, bringing him back into the team. And they won the Champions League.”

          Despite being a key player under Tuchel and Chelsea offered him a new contract. But Rudiger is seeking a new challenge beyond the Premier League stage . Rudiger made no mistake in the 1-1 draw with Manchester United on Thursday April 28 2022. But Merson feels he should be greeted coldly by Blues fans when Chelsea play at home to Wolves on Saturday 7 May 2022. 

           “But I think he has already made up his mind. His contract was about to expire. Other clubs has already shown interest Emerson continued. You weren’t waiting all that time. He refused to sign. He lost all the money that would have been earned by signing a new better contract. If he simply repented and stayed with the team. It was a significant sum he refused.

           “He will be the highest paid defender in the club’s history. But he doesn’t love this UFABET club, right? Otherwise he would stay . in a back three position.” “It will be interesting to see how the fans What will it be like now when he plays at Stamford Bridge, I don’t think they will be happy with him?