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Rioting friends Lukaku on February 22 2565. After the English Premier League game 2021-22. The 26th match at the “Blue Lion” Chelsea invaded the “Ruean Kaew Castle” Crystal Palace 1-0. But This game turned into a memory. The unforgettable Romelu Lukaku

which is unbelievable throughout the game Of the subject in the 90 minutes, referred to as being able to touch all the balls only 7 times, and moreover within those 7 times football news

Rioting friend Lukaku

never It is the touch of the ball in the penalty area, even once. After the game ended, the subject was heavily criticized.

 Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand said on YouTube’s Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE popular show Vibe with Five: “I think his team-mates You should know what strengths Romelu Lukaku’s strengths are. For me, he is an executioner.

In the penalty area completely, it is necessary that the teammates Have to find a way to turn the ball to reach Lukaku, which in his frame is dangerous. And definitely finish the score. In addition, Lukaku is very fond of running to cut the line of defenders. and use the strength of the body to cover up to get the UFABET ball.”

“Friends should sacrifice some more. Quit sticking to playing like yourself and I see Lukaku open up and do it. When Lukaku agrees, it’s good for his condition. But perhaps when it is inconsistent with the overall picture He has to be heavily criticized, like now.”

Now, after 25 games in the 2021-22 Premier League, Chelsea are third with 50 points, Crystal Palace with 26 points and 13th.