Rules and methods of playing poker online, casino games that everyone must understand

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Rules and methods of playing poker online, casino games that everyone must understand Today we will explain the rules and methods of playing poker online. So that everyone can study how to play the basics of real betting. But what content will there be? Let’s go see.

Rules for playing poker online

Of course, playing PokDeng online and playing PokDeng in general. There are different rules of play. It is divided into the player’s side with more than 1 person and the banker’s side. The rules of play that are easy to understand are as follows:

  • Each player is required to place their desired bets. There may be some websites that the dealer. The maximum bet can be set. 
  • Starting from the dealer will shuffle the cards to mix. Deal 1 card to every player each. Starting from the left onwards Continue until 2 cards are dealt. Which the dealer will be the last person to get a card.
  • Once all the cards have been obtained. Everyone in the online poker game will have to look at the cards that have been received. The sum of the results of the face of the UFABET cards 

Counting the points of online poker cards

  1. J , Q , K equals 0 points.
  2. A is equal to 1 point.
  3. Numbers 2-10 on the cards can count the points as follows.

Example of merging points

If the total number of points is greater than 10 points. Only the last digit must be counted. For example, cards 6 + 8 = 14, that means 4 points, which you can choose whether to call more cards or not. If the cards have a total value of 8 or 9. They are called Pok Eight or Pok Nine. In which Pok Kao is always more valuable


  1. In the event that the player has Poked equal to the dealer in Pok Deng. It will be considered a draw without and without losing the bet. 
  2. The event that the player has Pok higher than the dealer. Pok Deng will be deemed to have won and received the bet from the dealer.
  3. In the event that the dealer gets a higher. Pok will be considered losing and lose. The bet to the dealer
  4. If the dealer does not have a poker card Every player has the right to call one more card each, some of the other web casino games. There may be a card value lower than 4 that can be called more cards. If other than that, must pay around the Pokdeng circle.
  5. Players can either hold a card or use the dealer’s 2 cards to fight someone with the same card value as they were caught. which must be caught before the dealer calls more cards

Decision, lose-win, online poker game

Decision lose-win online poker game Pokdeng is a card used to decide the outcome. Which the highest point of Pokdeng is 9 points, which the person who has the highest points will win. The number of 2 cards wins 3 cards. If 2 cards total 9 points or 8 points. It will be called Pok 9 and Pok 8. In this order, the person who gets it must turn over the card immediately. So that no more cards are drawn. In the event that all 3 cards are of the same number but are of the same number. It is called a bounce. The payout will be increased to 3 times the total bet. But in the case of two cards having the same suit. It is called Pokdeng. And will receive a prize money 2 times the amount bet itself. 

The format of the points of the online poker game is as follows.

  1. Two bounces mean the card points that can be achieved or lost. There is a 2x increase in the winning value according to the stake.
  2. Pok Eight and Pok Nine means winning bets with 2 cards with a point of 8 or 9, in which case the score is 9 and the cards are the same. (Pokdeng, double bounced) will win the bet that is the highest score.
  3. Tong means 3 cards of the same numbered hand such as 7 7 7 , AAA
  4. Steflat refers to cards of the same suit that are arranged in a perfect order of cards. Without counting the sum of the card points, such as 3 4 5 , JQK
  5. State or sequential cards refer to card points that are numbered aligned. Without counting the same suit
  6. Blind means the value of the cards in hand is equal to zero. Not counting the points of the yellow three, such as cards that get JQK
  7. Three yellow or yellow means the card points that consist of JQK. Which if there are 3 cards in the hand. It is called left immediately.