The process of playing casino, basic online poker game

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The process of playing casino online poker games, the basics are as follows.

equipment used for playing

  1. a deck of cards
  2. 1 banker player, 1-16 hand or leg player 

steps to play

  1. Each hander places bets as he wants. The dealer can hold his bets. is to set the maximum bet that the dealer can accept.
  2. The dealer shuffles the cards to the players starting from the left or the right with the dealer getting the last card. Give each card one at a time until two cards are complete.
  3. The dealer and all players look at the cards in their hand and sum up the sum of the cards received. JQK counts as 10 and A counts as 1. After that, look at the unit digits of the total.
  • If the cards in anyone’s hand have a total value of eight or nine, turn the card over and call it Pok Eight or Pok Nine according to the points obtained by Pok Nine will win Pok Eight.
  • If the dealer gets Pok Players who do not bounce or get a lower Pok will lose bets to the banker and the player who has Pok is equal to the dealer will Can’t always – never lose. The player who has more knockouts than the dealer wins. Get bets from the dealer
  • If the dealer does not pok All players have rights. Summons one more card per person. There may be a requirement for a player with two cards to have a point of at least a color. which if less than four must call more cards Otherwise, you will have to pay around the circle.
  • If the dealer does not want call for more cards to open the dealer’s card The player who scores higher than the dealer Get bets from the dealer Players with the same points as the dealer will not draw or lose. The player who scores less than the dealer Lose bets to the dealer
  • Before the dealer calls more cards. It can be caught by choosing to catch three.
The special points are as follows:
  • Double bounce means that all cards in hand are two cards, where both cards are of the same suit or the same number.
  • Three bounces means that all three cards in hand. It are all three cards of the same suit. If the point wins. will be bet three times
  • three yellow or tile Refers to the three cards belonging to group JQK. All three cards are considered over nine (not Pok nine). If winning is a triple bet.
  • Tong means three cards of the hand are of the same number. It is deemed to have a score over nine (not Pok nine) and three yellow. If you win, your bet will be five times.
  • Sort means that the three cards in the hand are lined up. For example, the three cards are 2 3 4 or 5 6 7 or QKA (if KA 2 or A 2 3 is considered unsorted because 2 is the lowest and A is the highest, so cannot be reversed).

The special positions are as follows:

  • Multi-leg is a single player, but bets on multiple parts. Each part called a leg, will get the card of that leg. It’s one of the risk diversification.
  • Leg cut or eye cut is the positioning of the leg inserted in the position of other players. to take that fortune as their own
  • Plum leg or plum hand is the placement of the leg behind the dealer. This hand gets the last card from the dealer. This is to cut the dealer’s luck.
  1. keep playing Players can stop at any time. But if the dealer stops. In order for the hand to withdraw the funds first.

Techniques for playing poker online Double the profit

Techniques for playing poker online Double the profit Having said that, bounce poker is another casino game that has a simple and uncomplicated playing method. In addition, at present, there are still developing Pokdeng games to be in online form. Thus allowing us to play Pok Deng anywhere, anytime, Pok Deng card games without having to play hide and seek anymore. Today we Therefore, using good techniques About how to play poker online to get double profits as follows:

1. Play more than one leg. For people who have enough reserves to play more than one hand. Risk should be diversified by increasing the number of plays such as 2-3 legs, for example, because at least we still have the opportunity to profit from other hands. Or if you are confident, you should place a ladder bet. Think which hand will have a chance to get a high score, increase the bet on that leg. Playing more than one leg is a diversification that will ensure continuous profits without losses.

2. Ask to cut the cards every time the dealer puts the cards. For those who play live poker games or study at the general casino table, for the sake of caution, when the dealer asks us to cut the cards, we should cut them. To prevent the dealer’s cards because we don’t know how skilled the dealer is in making cards Cutting cards will make you feel more comfortable playing. 

3. Buy a plum hand to prevent mistakes. Therefore, buy the last hand to increase your confidence in playing. It is the belief of the ancients and it actually works as expected. Most of the time, the last hand is a sign that can beat the dealer. If you can buy it in time for others, you will definitely be able to profit from playing Pok Deng. At least it helps us not lose all.

4. Decide carefully before calling cards. For Pokdeng, the 3rd card is the most important so you need to think carefully before deciding to call more cards. If the hand of the hand thinks that there is a chance of defeating the dealer, do not take a risk, for example, if you have a total of 5-6 cards, if you think you can get 3, the chances of getting 3 are very difficult. If this is the case, it is not advisable to take risks as it may lose the bet you placed. Supposed to give up, as we recommend that you risk your luck in playing by stopping calling cards, there may be a chance of winning against the dealer easily. If you interested membership with us UFABET