“Van Basten” suggests Manchester United do not need to sell “Ronaldo”, pointing to a positive effect on the team

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It’s good and useful! Dutch legend Marco van Basten has urged new Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag to keep Cristiano Ronaldo as he still scores for the team. Plus there is no need to sell out of the team.

Dutch manager Erik ten Hag has been appointed. The new permanent manager of the Red Devils Manchester United. The giants of English Premier League football. It will begin working with the team at the end of this season. Making news that the new coach will release the star players of the team. Because they are not in the UFABET team plans.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the superstar striker of the “Red Devils”. He is another player who is rumored to be with the team at the end of this season or not. Although the remaining contract with the team until the middle of next year But some say Ronaldo’s return has hurt Manchester United, so it might be better to let him go.

Dutch legend Marco Van Basten revealed, “Ronaldo is a player who plays mainly on his own. But if he still plays like the game against Norwich City and still scores two or three goals per game on a regular basis. It was not necessary to remove him from the team.”

“As long as one player can do a good job for the team. You should keep him in the team. Here, Ten Hag has to understand that. He cannot ask Ronaldo to be as fit as an 18-year-old, but Ronaldo himself needs to work harder. which I am sure he will be able to follow. Because I can imagine Ten Hag will have a huge influence to make Ronaldo play the way he wants as well,” Van Basten concluded.