It’s coffee o’clock because life is driven by coffee. What flavor is suitable for your lifestyle?

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It’s coffee o’clock ! I bet that. Most people start their day by drinking coffee. Because it is like turning on a switch for the brain. To prepare for starting work The rich, mellow taste gives the feeling of stimulating the body to wake up from sleepiness. Drinking coffee is like drinking art. Because each menu is unique, but many people don’t know that the taste of each type of coffee is different. Some people just want to experience the strong flavor. Some people like the coffee to have a sweet taste. Some like it to have a unique scent. Or do you like it because of the sourness from the coffee beans?          

It's coffee o'clock because life is driven by coffee. What flavor is suitable for your lifestyle?

However, most of the time, only coffee lovers know that each type of coffee has a different intensity of flavor. Today we will introduce the taste of coffee. To suit your lifestyle 

1.Espresso (Espresso) Espresso is the starting point of every coffee menu. concentrated taste That doesn’t mix with anything at all. Because original espresso has no other ingredients mixed in, only the aroma and taste of coffee. It will be served as a shot of coffee. With the most intense flavor, espresso is suitable for people with a fast-paced, aggressive lifestyle without being considerate of anyone.     

2.Doppio (Doppio) Doppio is coffee with a high concentration. You may hear it called Double Espresso because it consists of 2 shots of espresso and uses about 14 grams of coffee for anyone who is just starting to drink coffee. Doppio would not be a good choice. Due to the large amount of shock Makes it have a high caffeine content. But drinking it makes you feel energetic. Doppio is therefore suitable for a hardcore lifestyle. 

3. Americano (Americano) Americano is an espresso shot that is mixed with water. Mostly use ½ espresso to ⅔ water. Depending on the coffee shop, the taste and intensity of Americano depends on the coffee beans. Because there are different roasting methods There are dark roasts, medium roasts, and light roasts, so the intensity decreases according to the level. And each type of coffee bean has a different aroma. which depends on the breed With a clear taste and has a roasted Americano aroma, making it suitable for people with a dark lifestyle.   

4. Cortado: Cortado is espresso with warm milk added in equal proportions. to reduce acidity And there aren’t many bubbles. It’s similar to a latte with a strong flavor. For anyone who likes the mellow, fragrant scent of milk. With the roasted scent of coffee beans, Cortado is another recommended menu. Therefore, Cortado is suitable for people with a balanced lifestyle.   

5.Cappuccino (Cappuccino) Cappuccino is a popular menu that is easy to drink. It consists of a shot of espresso mixed with hot stream of milk. Finish with milk foam on top. And all this in a perfectly balanced ratio. The taste is therefore medium-intensity. Cappuccino is therefore suitable for people with a strong and smooth lifestyle.     

6.Mocha (Mocha) Mocha is a true Arabica coffee variety. The smell is similar to cocoa. The specialty lies in the color, aroma and taste of the coffee beans. When exposed to the taste of mocha It will make you feel like it’s coffee mixed with cocoa. or chocolate in it At present it has been modified. and bring a shot of espresso Mixed with cocoa or chocolate To make it easy to drink and to experience the smell of cocoa more Makes the taste have the perfect consistency. Therefore, mocha is suitable for people with a chic lifestyle.      

7. Latte (Latte) Latte is an Italian word. It means “milk”. It is a menu that gives the sweet, creamy and soft taste of milk foam. This menu always attracts people. Because it is popular to make various patterns on coffee cups, or what we know as “latte art”. Latte is less concentrated than cappuccino. Because the amount of coffee shots is less, latte is suitable for people who have a gentle lifestyle.   

8.Flat White Flat White is coffee that has a light taste, not intense due to the small amount of coffee shots. Gives a smooth taste of milk. It is usually served in a small, tall glass. Therefore, Flat White is suitable for people who lead a light, unfussy lifestyle. And here is a coffee menu that we have selected, all 8 menus, for anyone who is just learning to drink coffee. You can choose a menu that has a small amount of coffee shots. We have arranged them in order of intensity. to a low concentration level So that everyone who reads can choose a menu that suits your lifestyle. Start your day with the mellow taste of coffee. Diffused and filled with a fragrant roasted aroma that goes perfectly with the smoothness of the milk in perfect harmony.