You sit with your legs crossed. Hidden dangers to the body more than you think.

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Cross-legged sitting is a very popular sitting position, especially for women . This sitting position looks comfortable and relaxed. But actually, sitting with your legs crossed can have many negative effects on your health. The reasons why sitting cross-legged is dangerous are as follows:

You sit with your legs crossed. Hidden dangers to the body more than you think.

Affects the spine The cross-legged sitting position causes the body to tilt to one side. causing the spine to become bent and may cause back pain It may also cause back muscles to become tight. and causes the spine to deteriorate faster

cause aches and pains When sitting with legs crossed, the ทางเข้า ufabet body is not in the proper position. Because the hips will put more weight on one side of the butt than when sitting normally. When the blood vessels and nerves in the thigh are compressed, blood flow is difficult. The heart works harder to pump blood to the body. Resulting in numbness Or pain in the thigh.

Drop ankle is a condition in which the body lifts the foot. or unable to wiggle your ankles feeling weak When walking, you have to bend your hips more. But this condition is usually temporary. But if we still sit with our legs crossed regularly The nerve is severely compressed. It makes me numb and very weak.

high blood pressure When sitting and pressing on the knees for a long time The back of the knee has a large blood vessel that can cause high blood pressure. This can cause dizziness and lightheadedness

if you have to sit for a long time. You should avoid sitting with your legs crossed. and change your sitting position periodically To keep the body from staying in the same position for too long You should also exercise to increase the strength of various muscles. Will help keep the body strong. and reduce the risk of health problems that may occur

In addition to sitting with your legs crossed, other sitting positions that may have a negative effect on your health include hunching. Sitting position leaning too heavily on the back of a chair Sitting position is too much bent in front of the computer screen. and the sitting position wraps the shoulders too much